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Assistant Directors (1895-1915)

The first assistant director was appointed in 1895/96 to assist Cecil Harcourt-Smith who was on a six-month secondment from the British Museum. The post was held by the John George Smith (b. 1869) who had been admitted to the School in 1891/92, while still an undergraduate at Magdalen College, Oxford, under Ernest Gardner. One of Smith's roles was to assist with the Library; he also accompanied Harcourt-Smith to look for sites on Melos.

The next assistant was George Chatterton Richards (1867-1951) who had been admitted to the BSA under Ernest Gardner and had assisted with the excavations at Megalopolis. He had studied at Balliol College, and while in Greece had held a fellowship at Hertford College. In 1891 he was appointed professor of Greek at the University College of South Wales and Monmouthshire (1891-98). It was in this period that he was assistant to David G. Hogarth for a period of four months for the 1897/98 session to deliver 'lectures in the museums to students and (at Easter time) to visitors'. He also prepared the report on 'Archaeology in Greece'.

Hogarth's second assistant director was Robert Carr Bosanquet (1871-1935) for the year 1899/1900 (for which he received a stipend of £350). Like Richards, Bosanquet prepared the report on 'Archaeology in Greece'. With Hogarth excavating on Crete, Bosanquet took administrative control in Athens which prepared him for becoming the successor to Hogarth.

Marcus N. Tod (1878-1974) was Bosanquet's assistant for two sessions (1903/04, 1904/05), alongside a fellowship at Oriel College, Oxford; he had previously been Senior Student at the BSA. As Senior Student he had assisted with the reorganisation of the Library (1902/03), and one of his roles as assistant director was supervision of the library and hostel.

Henry Julius Wetenhall Tillyard (1881-1968) served as temporary librarian during 1904/05 as the Penrose Memorial Library opened. (Tod had returned to his fellowship in Oxford in early March 1905.) Tillyard had been working on boundary stones in Attica and had taken an active part in the Laconia project.

Frederick W. Hasluck (1878-1920) was appointed librarian for the BSA in 1905/06 (alongside a fellowship at King's College, Cambridge). Hasluck had earlier been admitted as student in 1901/02. He was then appointed assistant director and librarian from 1906/07 until 1915 (with a stipend of £150). For one year, 1910/11, he was on leave of absence and was replaced by Arthur M. Woodward (1883-1973). During Richard M. Dawkins' leave of absence (1911/12) Hasluck was acting director.

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