Tuesday, 5 February 2008

BSA and New College

One of the best represented Oxford College among the BSA students was New College. It should be noted that seven of these students had been at Winchester. All but Awdry were admitted (or were due to be admitted in the case of Moss-Blundell) within a year of two of completing their studies at Oxford. Cheesman and Halliday (Hoffmeister) were both elected Fellows of New College.
  • Herbert Awdry (1851-1909). Winchester. Matric. 1870; Lit. Hum. 2nd 1874; MA 1877. Assistant Master at Wellington College (1881-1908); admitted BSA 1894/95.
  • John Linton Myres (1869-1954). Winchester. Classical mods 1st; Lit. Hum. 1st 1892. BSA 1892/93, 1893/94, 1894/95. Wykeham Professor of Ancient History and Fellow of New College (1910-39)
  • Edwyn Robert Bevan (1870-1943). Monkton Combe. Open classical scholarship; Classical mods 1st 1890; Lit. Hum. 1892. BSA 1893/94.
  • Adolph Paul Oppé (1878-1957). Charterhouse. Exhibitioner; Classical mods 1st 1899; Lit. Hum. 1901. BSA 1901/02.
  • Alexander Cradock Bolney Brown (1882-1942). Winchester. Winchester Scholar 1901; Classical mods 1st 1903; Lit. Hum. 2nd 1905. BSA 1905/06.
  • Guy Dickins (1881-1916). Winchester. Scholar 1900; Classical mods 2nd 1902; Lit. Hum. 1st 1904. BSA 1904/05; 1905/06 (School Student); 1906/07; 1907/08, 1908/09; 1912/13.
  • George Leonard Cheesman (1884-1915). Winchester. Winchester Scholar 1903; Classical mods 1st 1905; Lit. Hum. 1st 1907. BSA 1908/09. Fellow of New College (1908).
  • William Reginald Halliday (Hoffmeister) (1886-1966). Winchester. Winchester Scholar 1905; Lit. Hum. 1st 1909. BSA 1910/11; 1912/13. Fellow of New College (1912); Lecturer in Greek History and Archaeology, University of Glasgow (1912-14).
  • Cyril Bertram Moss-Blundell (1891-1915). Winchester. Scholarship 1910; Classical mods 1st 1912; Lit. Hum. 1st. 1914. BSA student elect 1914/15.
Only Moss-Blundell overlapped with John Linton Myres (1869-1954), Wykeham Professor of Ancient History and Fellow of New College (1910-39).

After the First World War Stanley Casson (1889-1944), a former BSA student, was elected Fellow of New College (1920).


B. Millis said...

One might also note the high representation of New College (and Winchester) among the BSA members killed in the world wars.

David Gill said...

Very true. I have listed the deaths elsewhere.

Cyril Bertram Moss-Blundell (14th (Service) Battalion Durham Light Infantry; the same battalion as another BSA student, Maurice S. Thompson) and Guy Dickins (King’s Royal Rifle Corps; same battalion as Erwin W. Webster, Fellow of Wadham College, and another BSA student, killed in 1917) were killed on the Western Front.

G.L. Cheesman was killed at Gallipoli.

But what about the other former members of New College?
Myres ("Blackbeard of the Aegean"): RNVR in the Aegean.
Halliday: RNVR on Crete.
Oppé: Ministry of Munitions.
Bevan: Political Intelligence Bureau of the Foreign Office.