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Oxford and Craven University Fellowships

Craven Fellowships
The Fellowships shall be open to all who shall have passed the examinations required for the degree of Bachelor of Arts and who shall not have exceeded the 28th term from their matriculation. They shall be of the annual value of £200, and shall be tenable for two years. One Fellow shall be elected annually in Michaelmas Term by a committee of five persons appointed for the purpose by the Board of the Faculty of Arts (Literæ Humaniores). The committee shall have power to elect either without examination or after such examination in Greek and Latin literature, history and antiquities, or in some part of these subjects, as they shall think fit. … He shall be required as a condition of his becoming entitled to the emoluments of his Fellowship to spend at least eight months of each of the two years of his tenure thereof in residence abroad for the purpose of study at some place or places approved by the selecting committee.

  • 1886/87. David George Hogarth. Magdalen College. Lit. Hum. 1st (1885).
  • 1888/89. H. Arnold Tubbs. Pembroke College. BA (1889). BSA admitted 1888/89.
  • 1889/90. George Chatterton Richards. Balliol College. Lit. Hum. 1st (1889).
  • 1890/91. Henry Stuart-Jones. Balliol College; Fellow of Trinity College. Lit. Hum. 1st (1890).
  • 1891/92. William John Woodhouse. Queen's College. Lit. Hum. 1st (1889). Admitted BSA 1889/90 (Oxford Studentship; Sir Charles Newton Studentship).
  • 1892/93. John Linton Myres. New College; Fellow of Magdalen College. Lit. Hum. 1st (1892).
  • 1895/96. Campbell Cowan Edgar. Oriel College. Lit. Hum. 1st (1895).
  • 1896/97. John George Clark Anderson. Christ Church. Lit. Hum. 1st (1896).
  • 1898/99, 1899/1900. Francis Bertram Welch. Magdalen College. Lit. Hum. 1st (1898).
  • 1899/1900. John Henry Hopkinson. University College. Lit. Hum. 2nd (1899).
  • 1901/02. Marcus Niebuhr Tod. St John's College. Lit. Hum. 1st (1901).
  • 1904/05. Guy Dickins. New College. Lit. Hum. 1st (1904).
  • 1906/07. Thomas Eric Peet. The Queen's College. Lit. Hum. 2nd (1905).
  • 1907/08. William Moir Calder. Christ Church. Lit. Hum. 1st (1907).
  • 1908/09. Maurice Scott Thompson. Corpus Christi College. Lit. Hum. 2nd (1907).
  • 1910/11 (awarded 1909). William Reginald Halliday. New College. Lit. Hum. 1st (1909).
  • 1913/14. Roger Meyrick Heath. Oriel College. Lit. Hum. 1st (1912).
Craven Studentship
The Oxford studentships were nominated by the Committee of the Craven Fund. They were initially worth £50, but were then offered in alternate years worth £100. (See also Cambridge Studentships.)
  • 1889/90. William John Woodhouse . The Queen's College.
  • 1890/91. Joseph Grafton Milne. Corpus Christi.
  • 1891/92. Charles Cuthbert Inge. Magdalen College.
  • 1892/93. J. Milne Cheetham. Christ Church.
  • 1896/97. John Winter Crowfoot. Brasenose.
  • 1897/98. Alfred John Spilsbury. The Queen's College.
  • 1898/99. John Knight Fotheringham. Merton; Senior Demy at Magdalen College (1898-1902).
  • 1900/01. Kingdon Tregosse Frost. Brasenose.
  • 1901/02. Marcus Niebuhr Tod. St John's. Senior Student.
  • 1902/03. Edward Seymour Forster. Oriel.
  • 1904/05. Max Otto Bismark Caspari (Max Cary). Corpus Christi.
  • 1906/07. Guy Dickins. New College.
  • 1910/11. Edward Stanley Gotch Robinson. Christ Church.
  • 1912/13. Stanley Casson. St John's.
  • 1914/15. Cyril Bertram Moss-Blundell. New College. Student elect.

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