Monday, 4 February 2008

BSA and the British School at Rome

Students at the BSA often combined part of the year at the British School at Rome.

Cambridge students:
  • Alan John Bayard Wace (BSR 1903/04)
  • Mary Hamilton (BSR 1905)
  • Henry Julius Wetenhall Tillyard (BSR 1905)
  • Gisela Marie Augusta Richter (BSR 1906)
  • John Percival Droop (BSR 1907)
  • Arthur Charles Sheepshanks (BSR 1907)
  • Wynfrid Laurence Henry Duckworth (BSA 1909)
  • Sidney Wilson Grose (BSR 1910)
  • Agnes Ethel Conway (BSR 1912)
  • Mary N.L. Taylor (BSR 1913, 1914; Gilchrist Studentship 1914); married to Harold C. Bradshaw, Rome Scholar
Oxford students:
Other students:
  • William Alexander Kirkwood (BSR 1904)
  • Duncan Mackenzie
  • Frank George Orr (BSR 1904)
  • W. Harvey (BSR 1908)
  • Lionel Bailey Budden (1909)
  • Harry Herbert Jewell (BSR 1910)
  • George Esslemont Gordon Leith (BSR 1911, Herbert Baker Studentship)

Several former students of the BSA also held positions at the BSR:
  • Henry Stuart-Jones was the second director Director of the BSR (1903-05)
  • Alan John Bayard Wace was librarian of the BSR (1905/06).
  • Augustus Moore Daniel (associate student of the BSA), was Assistant Director of the BSR (1906/07); he was married to Margery Katharine Welsh a former student of the BSA
  • Eugenie Sellers-Strong was Assistant Director of the BSR (1909-25)
  • William Loring was honorary secretary of the BSR (as well as the BSA)
  • John Ff. Baker Penoyre, secretary to the BSR (1904-12) (as well as the BSA)

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