Wednesday, 6 February 2008

BSA Students and London University

Ernest Gardner resigned as the BSA director to because the Yates professor of Archaeology at University College (1896). He later served as public orator for the University of London (1910-32).

Three other former BSA students were appointed to positions in London. Frank Earp (BSA 1896/97) was appointed lecturer in Classics at East London College (1905-30). He was subsequently professor of Classics and fellow of Queen Mary College (1930-36). John K. Fotheringham (BSA 1898/99) was appointed lecturer in Classical Literature at King's College in 1904, lecturer in Ancient History in 1909 and promoted to reader in 1912. Max Cary (BSA 1903/04) moved from Birmingham in 1908 to be reader in Ancient History attached to University College and Bedford College; he was subsequently professor of Ancient History (1937-46).

After the First World War several former BSA students held positions in London. Two were at King’s College. Max Laistner (BSA 1912-14), who had lectured at Birmingham and Belfast, moved from Manchester to be Reader in Ancient History (1921-25). Edwyn R. Bevan (BSA 1893/94) was lecturer in Hellenistic History and Literature (1922-33). In 1928 William R. Halliday (BSA 1910/11, 1912/13), resigned as professor of Ancient History at Liverpool, to become Principal of King’s College (1928-33); he was also Deputy Vice-Chancellor, London University (1932).

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