Monday, 18 February 2008

Classical Archaeology at Cambridge

Some of the influences on Cambridge students at the BSA in the period up to the First World War included the following individuals.

Disney Professor of Archaeology
Founded in 1851 by Dr John Disney. The holder was required to deliver six lectures 'on the subject of Classical Mediaeval and other Antiquities the Fine Arts and all matters and things connected therewith'.
Slade Professor of Fine Art
Founded by Felix Slade (1788-1868), 1869.
Professor of Ancient History
Established 1898.
Reader in Classical Archaeology
Established 1883; stipend £300.
Reader in Classics (Brereton)
Established 1906.

University Lectureship in Classics (Epigraphy and Dialects)
Established 1883; stipend £50.
  • 1883: Ernest Stewart Roberts (1847-1912). Fellow of Caius; Master of Caius.
  • 1906: Sidney George Campbell. Fellow of Christ's.
University Lectureship in Classics (Ancient History)
Established 1883; originally in Roman History, stipend £50; 1899, in Ancient History; 1906, Stipend £200.
  • 1883: James Smith Reid (1846-1926). Fellow of Caius. Professor of Ancient History, 1899.
  • 1887: Arthur Augustus Tilley. Fellow of King's.
  • 1899: Leonard Whibley. Fellow of Pembroke.
University Lectureship in Ancient History
Established 1901 (until 1912).
  • 1901: Nathaniel Wedd. Fellow of King's.

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