Thursday, 31 January 2008

Trustees of the BSA

The three founding Trustees of the BSA were:
  • (Sir) James Tynte Agg-Gardner, MP (1846-1928): Harrow; Trinity College, Cambridge. Chairman of the Cheltenham Original Brewery Company Ltd. Returned as Conservative MP for Cheltenham in 1885.
  • Pandeli Ralli (1845-1928). A founding member of the member of the Hellenic Society. Returned as Liberal MP for Bridport (1875-80); and for Wallingford (1880-85). Resigned as Trustee in 1900.
  • Charles Waring (c. 1827-1887). Contractor for the railways (Waring Brothers); projects included St Pancras railway station in London. Liberal MP for Poole.
Waring and Agg-Gardner were replaced by:
  • (Sir) Richard Claverhouse Jebb (1841-1905). Trinity College, Cambridge. Professor Greek, Glasgow (1875-89). Regius Professor of Greek, Cambridge (1889-). Conservative MP for Cambridge. Knighted 1900.
  • Dr Edwin Freshfield (1832-1918). Winchester; Trinity College, Cambridge. Solicitor (whose clients included the Gladstones; 'solicitors to the Bank of England'); senior partner (1903-18). His father-in-law, J.F. Hanson, was the Levant Company's representative in Smyrna.
Ralli was replaced in 1900 by:
Jebb's place was filled in 1906 by:
  • Dr Walter Leaf (1852-1927). Harrow; Trinity College, Cambridge. London banker. Honorary Treasurer of the BSA 1886-1906.