Monday, 7 January 2008

Eton and the BSA

Eton had the second largest grouping of students at the BSA after Winchester. The number included one director (Bosanquet, who had also served as assistant director to David Hogarth), and one assistant director (Piddington, assistant to Cecil Harcourt Smith).

Of this group, six had continued their studies at Cambridge:
  • Montague Rhodes James (1862-1936), King's College, Cambridge; BSA 1887/88. Later Provost of Eton 1918-36.
  • William Loring (1865-1915), King's College, Cambridge; BSA 1889/90 and subsequent years.
  • Robert John Grote Mayor (1869-1947), King's College, Cambridge; BSA 1892/93.
  • Vincent Wodehouse Yorke (1869-1957), King's College, Cambridge; BSA 1892/93, 1893/94.
  • Robert Carr Bosanquet (1871-1935), Trinity College, Cambridge; BSA 1892/93 and subsequent years; assistant director, 1899/1900; director 1900/06.
  • Arthur Charles Sheepshanks (1884-1961), Trinity College, Cambridge; BSR and BSA 1907/08; assistant master at Eton 1906-38.
Two went up to Oxford:
  • Charles Cuthbert Inge (1868-1957), Magdalen College, Oxford; BSA 1891/92.
  • John George Piddington (J.G. Smith) (b. 1869), Magdalen College, Oxford; BSA 1891/92; re-admitted 1895/96 as assistant director to Cecil Harcourt Smith.

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