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BSA Students and Coins

The main research topics for students were on pottery and sculpture. However several worked on coins. Among the Cambridge students, Francis Brayne-Baker of Christ’s College studied coins from Asia Minor. Sidney W. Grose also of Christ’s College worked on the McClean coins in the Fitzwilliam Museum and subsequently became honorary keeper there. Alan Wace of Pembroke College published a coin hoard of Hellenistic coins found at Sparta.

Among the Oxford students, Joseph G. Milne of Corpus Christi College excavated in Egypt (publishing coins from the Faiyum), and subsequently became deputy keeper of coins in the Ashmolean Museum (1931-51). John W. Crowfoot of Brasenose College worked on the iconography of Thracian coins, linking them to specific inscriptions from Athens. E.S.G. Robinson of Christ Church worked on numismatics in the collections at Athens, and collected coins on his journey through Lycia and Pamphylia. He subsequently became assistant keeper, and then keeper, in the department of Coins and Medals at the British Museum.

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