Thursday, 28 August 2008

BSA Students and the City of London School

I have earlier commented on BSA students who had been educated at the City of London School. The history by Douglas-Smith contains a biographical index for some former pupils.
  • Ernest Arthur Gardner (1862-1939), Gonville & Caius College, Cambridge; BSA 1886/87; director 1887-95. Douglas-Smith, p. 542.
  • Charles Henry Hawes (1867-1943), Trinity College, Cambridge; BSA 1904/05. Not mentioned.
  • Frederick Arthur Charles Morrison (1872-1899), Jesus College, Cambridge; BSA 1896/97. Not mentioned
  • John Knight Fotheringham (1874-1936), Merton College, Oxford; BSA 1898/99. Douglas-Smith, p. 541.
A.J. Spilsbury, who was appointed to the school in 1900, is also mentioned (Douglas-Smith, pp. 321, 323-24). Among his contributions was a piece on 'Greece Revisited' for the Magazine (1901). It cites a caricature of Spilsbury in the guise of 'Gilson' (p. 332):
Gilson swung in (into the form-room), hos gown flying behind his stocky figure, his mouth tight as a trap, and ordered the other lights to be switched on. Then he put his mortar-board on his desk and stood at the foot of the dais with a paper in his hand. It was the late list ...
Douglas-Smith, A.E. 1965. The City of London School. 2nd ed. Oxford: Basil Blackwell. [WorldCat]

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