Friday, 6 August 2010

Reviews by Winifred Lamb 3

Here are some additional reviews by Winifred Lamb:

  • The Palace of Minos. A Comparative Account of the Successive Stages of the Early Cretan Civilisation as Illustrated by the Discoveries at Knossos. Vol. II by Arthur Evans, in The Burlington Magazine for Connoisseurs 53, No. 306 (Sep., 1928), pp. 146-147 [JSTOR]
  • Vasen um Meidias by Walter Hahland; Papers of the British School at Rome XI; Corpus Vasorum Antiquorum, France, Musée du Louvre 6. by E. Pottier, in The Burlington Magazine for Connoisseurs 57, No. 331 (Oct., 1930), p. 199 [JSTOR]
  • Der Berliner Maler by J. D. Beazley; Corpus Vasorum Antiquorum, Athenes, Musee National, I by K. A. Rhomaios; Mlle. S. Papaspyridi; Madrid: Musee Archeologique National, I by J. R. Mélida, in The Burlington Magazine for Connoisseurs 59, No. 340 (Jul., 1931), p. 46 [JSTOR]
  • Necrocorinthia, a Study of Corinthian Art in the Archaic Period by Humphrey Payne, in The Burlington Magazine for Connoisseurs 60, No. 348 (Mar., 1932), pp. 164-165 [JSTOR]
  • Corpus Vasorum Antiquorum: France by S. Lambrino (Marcelle Flot), in The Burlington Magazine for Connoisseurs 62, No. 359 (Feb., 1933), p. 94 [JSTOR]

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