Saturday, 1 November 2008

The Temple of Aphaia: revised date

Twenty years ago I suggested in the Annual of the British School at Athens that the Temple of Aphaia on Aegina should be dated to the 470s. I based this proposal on the pottery found in the terrace system of the temple.

Now Andrew Stewart has revisited the evidence in "The Persian and Carthaginian Invasions of 480 B.C.E. and the Beginning of the Classical Style: Part 2, The Finds from Other Sites in Athens, Attica, Elsewhere in Greece, and on Sicily; Part 3, The Severe Style: Motivations and Meaning", AJA 112, 4 (2008) 581-615 [online]. In his discussion of the temple of Aphaia (pp. 593-97) Stewart concludes, "The conclusion is inevitable—however unpalatable to some: the new Aphaia temple surely postdated the Persian Wars in its entirety."

  • "The Temple of Aphaia on Aegina: the date of the reconstruction", BSA 83 (1988) 169-77
  • "The Temple of Aphaia on Aegina: further thoughts on the date of the reconstruction", BSA 88 (1993) 173-85

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